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ELEKS Software is a global organization delivering software services and solutions for diverse markets in the USA and Europe. They specialize in software solutions for the Finance, Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Logistics, Engineering Design Automation, and other verticals. The company needed a tool to help explore customer needs and create comprehensive solutions.

ELEKS Software is one of the leading software development companies in Ukraine, creating IT solutions for companies and organizations throughout the USA, Europe and elsewhere. It has a robust experience in providing services for the Banking, Insurance, Finance, Government, Education, Healthcare, Entertainment, Power Engineering and Logistics.

Business Challenges

Providing high-end software development and outsourcing services ELEKS team was looking for a tool to analyze client needs and monitor their software usage in order to deliver high-quality products.

Software Statistics Service helps us shorten product release cycles, reduce costs and improve the quality of products. It boosts our clients’ businesses and makes our company stand our from the crowd.
Anton Skrypnyk, Product Manager at ELEKS Software


Software Statistics Service provides ELEKS team with a great analytics tool for their products. It allows analyzing clients’ current and future business needs and offer a comprehensive solution that would optimize business processes and provide maximum benefit from investments.


ELEKS product department is using Software Statistics Service in two different ways.
First of all, they analyse the number of installations and the usage of trial application. This information enables ELEKS team to explore customer needs, find deadlocks in UI and, thus, offer a more suitable solution for their business.

Another thing, maybe even more important, is that Software Statistics Service allows ELEKS team to control their partner network through the “custom events” feature. “With SSS we know exactly the number of server and client instances and monitor all activation keys sold by partners,” says Anton Skrypnyk.

Influence on Business

Software Statistics Service helped ELEKS Software increase the quality of the products and services they provide. It significantly saves time and resources needed to develop quality products, that is especially important for the clients.

Solution Overview

ELEKS Software

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ELEKS Software is a global organization delivering software services and solutions for diverse markets in the USA and Europe.

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Software Analytics Tool

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