Easy Integration

1. Easy Integration

Software client module is available for integration in  Delphi, .NET, Java, C++, Android  Mac OSiOS Microsoft Silverlight, Windows Phone 7, Windows Presentation Foundation. Just download software client module and integrate it into your software to start collecting precise application analytics. You can perform this for existing as well as for new software products.

Usage Report

2. Usage Report

Software Statistics Service (SSS) collects all relevant details on your mobile and desktop applications usage. Estimate the efficiency of your application by the next parameters:

  • Number of software installations
  • Number of software first and repeated starts
  • Average session duration time (how people use software in general)
  • Number of uninstallations
  • Usage trends over a day/week/month
  • Number of downloads (will need to integrate with website)

3. Analysis of Software Features

SSS allows you to review the usage of individual software features. Identify which of your features are vital for users. Find out how a new feature in your application is being used! Improve the usability with screen hitmap of your software!

 Usage Geography

4. Usage Geography

Software Statistics Service allows to review your software statistics per country or region. With its help you can easily identify your target markets and direct your marketing tools where they are the most needed! Move the mouse over the map and see detailed information about your application usage!

Enviroment Review

5. Environment Review

See what operating systems, screen resolutions and hardware your users have. Use this analytics to determine your software development and update priorities. Release new features for the operating system that is used the most!

6. Software Usage by Versions

Software Statistics Service enables to review usage details on different versions of your product. Compare metrics of different software versions and determine what version is the most successful and which one needs to be improved or even eliminated. Find out if your new version is in demand. Make right decisions based on the precise data and not on your own opinion!

Flexible Reports

7. Flexible Reports

With this feature of Software Statistics Service you can customize reports accordingly to your special needs. Choose the data you want to be displayed! You don’t need to look through tons of analytics to find the answer on your question!

Access Level Control

8. Access Level Control

Allows to give your management team members different access rights.
Now your whole team can take advantages of precise analytics provided by Software Statistics Service!