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Runtime Analysis

See What Happens to Your Software
After It Was Downloaded

Runtime Analysis

  • Find out how many users you have and how often they run your software
  • Compare the number of users with the number of software runs to identify users loyalty
  • Collect statistics about software abnormal terminations
  • Track the usage of separate features/ buttons
  • See other benefits of SSS

Analyse Different Software Versions


  • See how popular each version of your application is and how important this version is comparing to the others
  • Discover how many times users run different minor versions of your software
  • Track the usage of your intermediate application versions
  • See other benefits of SSS

Explore Software Environment


  • See what operating systems your software is running at
  • See what screen resolutions your users have
  • Find out the most common RAM capacities of your users
  • See the most common CPU frequencies and CPU numbers of your users
  • See the most common number of monitors your users have
  • See other benefits of SSS

Compare Statistics per Countries and Regions


  • Review the number of your software installations and runs per country or region
  • Move your mouse over the map and see detailed information about your desktop software usage
  • See other benefits of SSS