Benefits of Software Statistics Service for You

Mobile/ Desktop Application Monitoring During Software Development

1. For Alpha/Beta/Debug Versions

Desktop Application Monitoring
Obligatory or optional – allows users to choose whether to participate in usage statistics gathering or not

  • Better understand how your software is being used before program release
  • Check the usage of separate feature/functionality to include/exclude it in final release
  • Test software performance, track ubnormal terminations to improve application performance
  • Collect information about users hardware to adjust your software technical parameters
  • Increase profit by creating a final product that will better respond to users needs

2. For Demo/Trial Versions

Software Usage Tracking
Obligatory or optional – since customers use your program for free it is fare to collect data about your software usage

  • Collect information about your potential customers before the purchase
  • Track separate features/functionality and plan your future releases
  • Allows you to save marketing budget on market research

3. For Final Products

Desktop Statistics
Only optional, with the ability for users to start or stop participating at any time

A lot of leading companies like Microsoft, Google, Adobe, Nokia collect anonymous statistical information about their application usage. Now you can do the same. Desktop statistics provided by SSS allows you to:

  • See what versions of your software are really used to make decisions about future releases
  • Find out adoption rate of new versions and potential usage to plan further activities
  • Track the popularity of separate feature/ functionality to include/exclude it in future releases
  • See usage activities and use promotion tools when they are needed
  • Analyze long-term trends and react to unsuspected events like cracks, hacks, leaks, sudden drops, huge popularity

Software Usage Tracking After Product Launch

1. For Software Developers

Benefits of Software Statistics Service For Software Developers

  • Test what platforms the program will be working on before software release and adjust it to the following platform
  • Find out what screen resolutions and how many monitors your users have
  • Find out technical parameters of users hardware (RAM capacity, CPU frequency, CPU number) and test operation speed of your software
  • Make decision about the usage of resource-intensive modules/components/functionality
  • Information about software demo version per countries allows you to test software usage in different locations
  • Track the usage of separate parts of the program (features, functionality) to include/exclude it in future releases
  • Allows to track software errors and instantly react to them

2. For Product Managers

Benefits of Software Statistics Service For Product Managers

  • Direct resources to the most successful projects
  • Track versions popularity and make decisions about future releases
  • Define what features/functionality are used the most and focus on their development
  • Implement new features and track their usage
  • Define software usage profile by different users groups with the possibility to categorize users by different parameters

3. For Marketing Managers

Benefits of Software Statistics Service For Marketing Managers

  • Save money on market research using statistics about your beta users, demo versions and trials
  • Define users location to plan targeted marketing campaigns
  • Determine the most popular features of your software and refer to them during software promotion
  • Compare marketing campaigns and actual results, not only clicks but real downloads and runs
  • Promote separate features of the software and see how users react to them
  • Plan promotions for certain countries and regions and instantly track the results
  • See longtime trends of your software usage and immediately react to negative tendencies

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