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Store Manager for osCommerce is one of the foremost products created by MagneticOne. In order to improve software performance the company started using Software Statistics Service. Information provided by SSS helped reduced time and resources essential for software improvement. 

MagneticOne is a leading provider of e-commerce solutions. MagneticOne software development department concentrates on the creation and maintenance of Store Managers, software programs for effective online store management. The company has already created 8 Store Managers and the new ones are coming up.

Store Manager for osCommerce is a special program, installed on a customer PC that allows performing various tasks, not available in the native back-end of an online store: advanced import/export, bulk updates, data management, etc.

Business Challenges

Store Manager release process used to consist of the following steps: prototype development, Alfa version, Beta version and beta-testers involvement, release candidate, feedback collection and final release. After the program release, the company received tons of customer feedback concerning the improvement of Store Manager. MagneticOne team was inclined to make the necessary changes, but due to the intense release schedule and lack of time it was near to impossible to complete everything. Only after the integration of Software Statistics Service into the program they could take care of all the issues and improve the functioning of software.

Software Statistics Service has changed our general conception of decision making and significantly reduced the time for their completion. It definitely helps save company’s resources.
Sergiy Kibitkin, Product Manager of MagneticOne


MagneticOne uses Software Statistics Service to gather important information about Store Manager usage and improve software performance and reliability.


With SSS Store Manager team identified their main problem areas.

“We’ve found Custom Field feature to be one of the most useful tools. It traces the usage of each function separately and focuses on the most utilized ones,” – says Sergiy Kibitkin, Product Manager of MagneticOne.

MagneticOne team keeps track of help tips in each section of the Store Manager. Due to this, they made significant changes in the help text and general documentation to make it more appropriate for users. Having all the data about user screen resolution, the team managed to improve Store Manager interface. With SSS MagneticOne team monitors the usage of major and minor software versions. “It allows us to analyze different versions, suggest update service to customers that use older releases, predict where bugs may come from, test the effectiveness of our update mechanism, etc. And what is most important, all the information is collected in one single place,” says Sergiy Kibitkin.

Influence on Business

“Software Statistics Service has changed our general conception of decision making and significantly reduced the time for their completion. It definitely helps save company’s resources,” says Sergiy Kibitkin.

Solution Overview

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Store Manager for osCommerce is a desktop application to quickly and effectively manage your osCommerce online store.



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