Yaware is a web-based time tracking system for controlling your employees’ productivity on the computer. The company is mainly targeted at Russian-speaking countries. It was looking for a tool to analyze program usage and support the most important business tasks. With Software Statistics Service, Yaware team has discovered new opportunities for improving software performance and increasing income.

Yaware is a web-based time management and analytics tool. It allows you to control employees’ productivity on the computer, track their work time, uncover working trends in separate departments, define the productivity of each work day, etc. You can effectively motivate your personnel and significantly increase your company’s output.

Business Challenges

Yaware is a quite new service. Yaware team was inclined to explore the market, investigate user preferences, identify the course of user-program interaction, define the most utilized features. They needed a smart tool for collecting all the essential information in one place.

Software Statistics Service provides me with a complete overview of my software usage. It allows to identify main problem areas and find opportunities for program improvement. It also helps to anticipate users behaviour and create effective marketing campaigns.
Serge Savchyshyn, Technical Director of Yaware

“It was important to see what countries our customers come from and what sections are used the most. We liked to have all the information about software usage in one place ready and organized,” says Serge Savchyshyn.


Yaware team started using Software Statistics Service, a tool that collects software usage details and transforms them into a range of graphs and diagrams. “We needed to have all the data about our product collected together. By that time, customer feedback and some other semi-automated procedures were the only sources of this type of information. Now we get detailed statistics about the software usage in no time,” says Serge Savchyshyn.


With Software Statistics Service Yaware team has discovered the actual user location. It turned out that quite a bit of their users came from the United States, while all promotion campaigns were focused on Russian-speaking countries.

“With SSS we learned which software functions were the most and the least “popular”. We implemented a few timings to determine which program areas need improving. At this point, there’s a lot of things to address,” says Serge Savchyshyn.

Influence on Business

Software Statistics Service helped Yaware team not only to identify the main program issues, but to change the overall priorities in the company. “Now we have the perfect solution to identify our major problem areas and we are definitely going to use it for all our software products.”

Solution Overview

Automated Time and Productivity TrackingWeb Site:

Yaware is a web-based time tracking system for controlling your employees’ productivity on the computer.

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Software Analytics Tool

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